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10 Survival Uses for Newspaper

1. Dry out wet shoes- place crumbled newspaper inside the shoes, and the paper will absorb the moisture to speed up the drying process. The newspaper will also absorb odors!

2. Shelf paper- Don't buy shelf paper ever again! Replace it with new newspaper, and the old can be used as a fire starter or composted into the garden.

3. Weed barriers in the garden

4. Compost

5. As rags to wash your windows and mirrors- Is this where the term daily rag came from?

6. Toilet paper- It's better than nothing, right?

7. Fire starters

8. Use as a plate or tablecloth to make a clean place to eat

9. Use as gift wrap

10. Tape newspaper to your windows to help insulate them in a long-term power outage

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