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20 Everyday Items to Repurpose for Survival

Use dryer lint, pinecones, and shredded newspaper as fire starters.

Coffee cans for first aid kits and makeshift rocket stoves

Popsicle sticks to label plants, add to compost or use as fire starters.

Milk cartons for seed starters, protecting young seedlings from bunnies and frost

Egg cartons- seed starters, fire starters, compost

An unused tackle box is a perfect item to use for a first aid and trauma kit.

Toilet paper tubes for stating plants, starting fires, or compost

A broken refrigerator or chest freezer to make an outdoor root cellar

Make new candles from wax from old candles.

Melt candle wax on a cotton ball for a fire starter.

Broken crayons make great fire starters.

Use old tin foil for cleaning pots and pans or a grill. If the tin foil is clean, roll it into a sphere and use it as a dryer ball.

Use a tarp or old shower curtain to funnel rainwater into a bucket for drinking water. These items also work as makeshift shelters or to cover a broken window after a storm.

A shower curtain will help insulate a window in a drafty room.

Bubble wrap insulates windows.

Cardboard boxes can provide insulation for a window, a makeshift sleeping pad to insulate the cold from the ground, or as a weed barrier.


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