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2023 Homemade Gift Gallery

This year I wanted to do things a bit differently by making as many Christmas gifts myself. Although I didn't make 100 percent of my gifts, I made quite a few.

My oldest son has been asking for a puppy bed for his stuffed dog. He started making one himself but quit after about 3 rows. For this gift, I used a 31-peg knotting loom and did about 15 rows. With the right materials, one could make a homemade pot holder, too.

In the bathroom at our church, there is a similar wreath and I thought it was beautiful and my mom needed one. She enjoys crocheting for everyone, so I knew it was the perfect gift.

The boys still love dinosaurs, so I got the idea to make some pillows for them to use in their new reading nook.

I have gotten back into simmer pots this year as an alternative to scented candles and room sprays. Stove top potpourri is so easy to make in bulk and is perfect for handing out to all your holiday guests. They won't be expecting it!

This next gift isn't exactly homemade, but I made it, sort of. 😂 All you do is wrap a box of candy with white paper and use cute socks to make the snowman hat. Decorate the face and you have a simple gift for a white elephant or office party.

We went on a pretty epic RV trip with my parents at the end of the summer. As a memento, I made two of these adorable ornaments out of old maps from the Badlands, one of our favorite spots on the trip.

I had these birch end pieces sitting around for a couple of years when I finally found a fun way to use them. This snowman is for my mom.

Dish scrubbers aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind when. One goes Christmas shopping, but when I learned how fast and easy these were to make, I couldn't resist. These were also made on a knitting loom, bit with 24 pegs and only 6-8 rows.

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