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How to Stock ONE Month of Survival Rations for $34.12 in 2024

Updated: Feb 7

There might not be much more time to waste before a personal emergency will cripple your family financially or otherwise. The stability of our world continues to become more compromised daily as rumors and info wars attempt to break us mentally, spiritually, and financially. Don't let that happen to your family and get prepared.

As inflation at the grocery store continues to rise, prepping is getting tricky for many, but there is still hope. This simple strategy will prepare you to be your first responder in a crisis. While government aid is wonderful, you're still at the mercy of their timeline as it can take days or weeks for help to arrive.

Shopping List

Walmart Prices as of 02/07/24 1- 20 lbs. Bag of white rice 8 lbs. of dried beans 2 cases of water

These rations will provide roughly 1300 calories a day for ONE PERSON for 30 days. Of course, this is only a base, and this plan assumes you have a few other pantry goods to stretch the beans and rice. It is usually best to have 2000 calories a day, so over time plan to add a few canned goods as you continue to build a food supply. Don't forget creature comforts like hard candies, snacks, coffee, etc. If you don't own one, ask a friend to borrow a vacuum sealer and package your food so it can last up to a decade or more in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Encourage a friend to pack food with you so their family might be better prepared too. PLEASE REMEMBER: Don't panic buy and be sure to save food for others. Prepping ahead of time is the best way to ensure others can get what they need in a crisis, too. #keeponprepping #foodshortages #shtfsurvival #inflation #war #supplychaincrisis

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