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5 Gallon Bucket Indoor Composting System- No Worms Needed!


5-gallon bucket with lid

Tray to place below bucket


Bucket of dirt with small scooper or hand shovel. Even a child's sand shovel is fine!

Shredded newspaper


Step 1: Take a five-gallon bucket and drill a few holes on the bottom.

Step 2: Place a tray under your bucket. This helps trap liquids and keeps the mess off your floor.

Step 3: Find a good place to store your bin. Under the sink is a great spot because it will keep pets and small children from playing in the bucket.

Step 4: Set your bucket of dirt and newspaper near the composter.

Step 5: Layer the bottom with a scoop of dirt and a few newspaper shreds.

Step 6: Start adding food scraps! After each use, sprinkle a little more dirt and a handful of shredded newspaper.

Step 7: Every other day, use your shovel to agitate the compost mixture. This action helps speed up the composting process.

Step 8: Once the bucket is full, the food scraps might take a week or two to break down completely. If you wish to continue composting, you might want a second composter to use while the other is still breaking food down.

Step 9: Add compost to potted plants or save it for the garden!

Tip 1: To reduce foul odors, do not compost meat, fish or dairy products.

Tip 2: Cut up your food scraps into 1–2-inch pieces to dramatically speed up the composting process.

Tip 3: Onions and citrus peels can kill beneficial microorganisms and slow down the decomposing process.

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