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6 Tips for Starting Your Garden Any Time of Year (Yes, Even in Winter!)

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

If you're reading this blog, chances are you want to start your garden, but you might need help knowing where to start. Or maybe it's December, and you live in Wisconsin. Getting a garden ready is quite a lofty task, but don't worry, with these five helpful tips, you can get your hands in the dirt today. I promise!

1. Start small by selecting the fruit or vegetable you wish to grow. You only need one plant to start. No matter what time of year, taking a little time to research goes a long way. Example: How much water and light will it need? How much space will it require? What kinds of disease is it susceptible to, and how can you treat it? What season can it be planted? Pruning tips? How do you harvest and preserve it so you can enjoy it all year long? I recommend saving your valuable tips or organizing them into a binder to store your valuable research. You'll learn so much, so fast, just from one plant. If it's the appropriate time of year for your plant, make this the plant you use to start your garden.

2. Plant one perennial plant, berry bush, or fruit tree. Perennial plants are hardy in your climate and come back year after year with a new harvest. Once established, they need little maintenance compared to an annual vegetable garden. As with tip number 1, learn everything about the plant as possible.

3. Pick plants that grow well in your growing zone. Plants suitable for your climate will increase your chances of success and an abundant harvest. Finding your zone is as simple as an internet search, and when you go to a nursery, the plant's tag will often indicate where it can grow as an annual or perennial. Keep in mind that an annual plant will only last one season.

4. Start a compost. Even in winter, you can start preparing food for your plants! Compost takes time to accumulate, so sooner is much better. Building a compost can be as simple as tossing all your food scraps in a pile and occasionally agitating the mound with a shovel or buying a fancy tumbler. Either way, you can start composting today!

5. Start a window garden. Window gardens are great options for apartment dwellers, people with physical limitations, and people on the go. Herbs and microgreens are excellent for window gardens, but there are many options, and you can have fresh plants, even if only a few, all year round. Microgreens can be ready to harvest in as little as a few weeks and fresh herbs growing in the kitchen window smell amazing. You will immediately reap the benefits of a small (or large!) window garden.

6. Learn how to winter sow! Yes, that's right, you can start your seeds in the winter using a simple milk jug! This method is different than starting your seeds indoors using a grow light. You plant your seeds in the milk jug and put them right into the snow. The milk jug acts as a mini greenhouse, protecting plants from the elements. When the weather is just right, the seeds will begin to germinate. To learn more about winter sowing, click here.

What's stopping you from starting your garden today? What's the first plant that you're interested in growing? Comment below and encourage each other to get started right away! Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post, show us a little love and click the heart!

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