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7 Deadly Sins of Prepping

1. Being unorganized

Allowing your preps to free range all over the house is a bad idea. Your provisions need a home and should be clearly labeled and kept safe. When your preps take over your home, you squander money; worse yet, you might not know where to find something when it comes time to use it. Keeps close tabs on food! I just recently reorganized my bugout bag, as I do every 6 months or so, and found that a mouse ate through a candy bar. It would have been awful had I taken that bag to a safe place with my family only to find that my survival food had been ruined. The same goes for your survival pantry. I always make sure that I take a black marker and write the date on my cans and other nonperishables. Clearly marking the expiration date allows me to see the dates fast, and I'll know if I need to use something before it molds.

2. Showing everyone your preps

This is tough for many people, but it's best to keep your gear and supplies secret. When people first start prepping, they like to talk about it. Naturally, you want to see your loved ones and close friends prepared for the worse, but they might have other plans. Plans to come to your house instead of getting their own house ready. If you're going to share this part of your life with others, never show off everything. Please, consider keeping images of your preps off social media.

3. Buying food and supplies, you don't like or intend to barter with

No one wants to eat food that they hate, and it will make an already challenging situation even worse if you have no choice but to eat it. If a piece of gear you bought isn't right, return, sell, or trade it in for the right tool.

4. Buying cheap junk

If you're prepping on a budget, you might be tempted to buy the cheapest item you can afford, but if you really need to rely on it, you need quality.

5. Not using and practicing with your gear

It's tempting to keep something in its box to ensure it's still in good condition when needed. But what if the item doesn't work, and you find out two years later when the item can no longer be returned to the store? What if those socks didn't fit like you thought they would? Do you really know how to use that water filter? Open them up, get a little dirt on your preps, and you'll be ready to handle your gear like a pro!

6. Buying preps out of fear

Never let fear dictate your actions when buying provisions. When we make decisions out of fear, we can make some pretty dumb choices. The world isn't ending tomorrow, and remember, people make money selling doom and gloom. Please don't fall into their snare. Work with a budget each month and stick to it!

7. Leaving the prepping up to others and showing up empty-handed

Don't assume your family or friends will take you in during an emergency. If you need to bunk at a friend's place for a few weeks while the situation at home stabilizes, come prepared. Prepare a bug-out bag with the essentials and cash, and have a few grab-and-go buckets of food to throw in your car.

Have you committed any of these deadly sins?

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