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7 Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Grid Dependency

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

When we think of living off the grid, we think about extreme lifestyles.

Showering in streams, rooftops lined with top-of-the-line solar panels, and cabins in the middle of Nowheresville all might come to mind. Don't get me wrong; there is nothing terrible about that! But what about the rest of us who are happy with modern-day amenities like running water? What if off-grid living is not feasible, but lingering curiosity still has you wondering; could I live off-grid?


Don't buy that remote off-grid mountain retreat just yet! Before making any real estate decisions, start with these simple ideas first!

Why be more independent from the grid? What are the advantages?

The advantages are many! If your power ever goes out, you'll have the tools to adapt immediately. It will be like nothing ever happened. You can also save a lot of money to pursue different passions other than paying the bills.

1. Harvest your rainwater! From watering plants to washing your dog, the options are endless! What you do with the rainwater is up to you.

2. Outdoor solar lights as indoor lights- Yep. I'm talking about the ones that go around your hasta plants and line your walkways at night. Put these cute lights in the potted plants in your home for a grid-free lighting supplement. There are also some adorable hanging lanterns on the market. Charge them on the porch or near a sunny window during the day. Bring them inside at twilight.

3. Use solar-powered motion lights for your front or back door and gutters. These lights are easy to install and provide added security at night.

4. Use solar power banks for charging devices like phones and tablets.

5. Line dry your clothing. Not only will you reduce your dependency on the grid, but you'll also save a bit of cash on laundry, and your clothes will last a little longer. If you cannot line dry your clothing due to space or other reasons, you can hang up your clothes and put them back in your closet. If your closet is packed too tight for airflow, hang dry your clothing on the shower rod before hanging them up. For air-drying your underwear, use a small drying rack. During the dryer months of the year, I'll line dry to put more moisture in the air. If you hand dry, you might not even need to run a humidifier!

6. Use oil lanterns and candles instead of electric lights.

7. Follow the sun! Get up early and your finish your work in natural light. When the sun goes down, so do you.

Did I forget anything? What might you try to reduce your dependency on the grid?

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