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8 Places to Hide your Prepper Supplies to Avoid a Cluttered Home

Do you live in a small space? Do you want to prep your family for emergencies but hate the idea of turning your entire bedroom into a prepper pantry? If so, keep reading! Here we'll discuss a few ways to store your preps without trashing your home.

1. Coolers

Coolers take up valuable space in a home, but they are also solid and durable. Why not let your prepper items live in here while it's not in use? Although the possibilities are endless regarding what you can store in a cooler, bottled water, sports drinks, and soda seem like the perfect fit. The next time you head out to the beach or have guests over for a BBQ, you'll be buying drinks anyways, so why not store those items here? Just add ice, and it's time for the party to arrive!

2. The awkward cabinet above the fridge

This is the perfect place to store long-term food storage and other supplies for your 72-hour disaster relief kit. Why? The food is meant to last for several years, meaning rotation won't be necessary as often. It's a difficult place to access regularly, making it inconvenient to store daily supplies. But for prepping, it's spot on. Your emergency kit is accessible yet entirely hidden in plain sight.

3. Under your bed

While this isn't the most inconspicuous spot to store your supplies in a tiny apartment, small home, or for anyone looking to store extra goods, under the bed is prime real estate for prepper supplies. Cinderblocks or inexpensive bed risers are a great way to double the space in this area. Like the cabinets above your refrigerator, items that don't require much maintenance are excellent for storing under the bed. Long-term food storage, toilet paper, razors, cotton balls, paper plates, paper cups, etc. You get the idea. If it's not going to rot, store it under the bed. These items often take up too much space but here, they will be out of sight and out of mind. It's possible to store 3-6 months' worth of food and supplies for one person under a twin bed. This may be the only place you need for storage, but I have more ideas, keep reading!

4. Use preps as part of your decor.

Oil lamps and candles can be beautifully displayed as part of your home's decoration. When the lights go out, your home will be lit with style. The same goes for cute but warm blankets, battery-operated string lights, vintage manual kitchen appliances, and wood stoves and fireplaces. Artfully displayed cooking sticks and pudgy pie makers will serve you well when the electricity goes out.

5. Storage ottomans

If you're concerned that guests might open it to find a breakfast pantry, opt for less apparent preps in this space. If they are your guest, they probably already know you're weird, so put whatever works best for you. An extra blanket, batteries for your remote, a lighter, and a couple of candles won't be that strange if someone opens it, and you'll be ready for a power outage.

6. Bookshelves

Adorable bins and baskets are an excellent way to store extra gear without sacrificing style.

7. In travel luggage

If your luggage is only used 1 or 2 times a year, you should rethink how it's used the rest of the calendar days. Knowing that you'll use this bag every few months ensures that the goods you store here will be rotated often. Consider bagging or boxing up your preps before packing them in your luggage, just in case you need to leave in a hurry. It will also keep things more organized as you're packing in general.

8. A Nesco or extra-large slow cooker

You'll never part with that slow cooker because you use it every Christmas to keep the ham warm. In the summer, you toss the brats and hamburgers in it before everyone gets in line to plate up at your son's birthday party. It's too valuable to throw out, but it's also a waste of space for 363 days a year. Not anymore! After your summer BBQ, stock up on supplies for Christmas dinner and store them in your Nesco. After Christmas, stock up on a few items you'll need for the birthday party. You'll always have prepper supplies, and they will be hidden without taking up any extra space.

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