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Budget-Savvy Blackout Kit: 10 Essential Items from Dollar Tree

Religious candles: Although DT has plenty of candles, they have tall skinny glass votives, usually with Mary or another Catholic figure on them. Sometimes, they come in plain white. Either way, they will burn for up to 80 hours!

Long lighters: If you buy tall candles, a regular lighter or match won't cut it once it burns down far enough.

Entertainment: Coloring books and crayons for kids, puzzles, cards, and other small games are abundant at DT.

Hand warmers: If a winter emergency leaves your home without heat, you'll be glad you picked up a few of these hand warmers.

Glowsticks: Typically a children's toy, glowsticks are great for marking potential hazards and providing a low light.

Canned Heat: These small cans usually work to keep food hot at a party, but in an emergency, use them to warm up a can of soup or heat a small room.

Batteries: Dollar Tree has batteries in many sizes.

Small lanterns and flashlights: There are always various lighting options at the DT!

Disposable plates and cups: If the emergency leaves you with no running water, you won't want to waste it on dishes.

Water and snacks: Usually, DT carries gallon-sized jugs of water and a large variety of snacks and canned foods, perfect for emergencies.

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