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Could Robin Greenfield Survive an Apocalyptic Scenario? I Rate Him I'm Five Categories!

Updated: Feb 7

Today I'm going to rate Robin Greenfield as a survivalist. Robin Greenfield is an American environmental activist who speaks on sustainability and teaches people about edible plants. He often uses elaborate stunts, like wearing his trash, to show the world how much we waste daily. My rating will be based on five areas of preparedness and skills. Robin also has a YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers. Let's dive in!


His warm and friendly demeanor is like a Labradoodle, so I believe he could quickly get friends to join his team and orchestrate a plan to prevail in a bad scenario. Adequate people skills in an emergency are imperative to making it through. He seems to have a following on opposing political sides, which is another good indicator of survival.

I rate him a 10 in this area, as he's already an influencer across several platforms.


Robin is a master at foraging, eats bugs, grows food and toilet paper, and eats roadkill or, as he says, "A deer that's been hit by a car." He once ate a squirrel because it kept eating the food in his garden. This act did upset his faithful vegan followers, but he seemed satisfied after eating it. He's from Wisconsin and truly is an outdoorsman.

I'd also rate Robin as a 10 in this area because the man has skills! I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life and I can confirm, we are not above eating road kill. On Wisconsin!


Robin hasn't worn shoes for several years, is a minimalist, showers in lakes, and has lived off-grid. When the lights go out, he won't be scared, but does he have what it takes to survive?

I rate Robin at a 7 here. While he will adapt better than most, I'm sure something will rattle him. I don't think he owns any guns so he might not have all the tools to defend himself.


Robin eats healthy, lives an active lifestyle, and doesn't seem to have many health issues, but he looks a little skinny. He should devour a few more squirrels and build some muscle. Building more muscle would make him stronger if he had to fight or do harder tasks in a SHTF scenario. If everyone started foraging and living like him in a crisis, his food supply would quickly dwindle.

I'm going to rate Rob as a 8 in this area.


Rob is a minimalist. He likely doesn't have enough tools, food, or gear to survive a long-term crisis, but then again, he knows how to grow his toilet paper.

I'm going to rate Rob in this area at a 5.


I give Robin Greenfield a solid 8. He's highly skilled and likable, which is a good combo for any stressful situation. However, I worry that Rob only has a few supplies and may lack a backup food source. While foraging is one of his best survival skills, I'm concerned that he will starve if nuclear fallout or a pest annihilates all the plant life. As I've mentioned before, Robin looks a little skinny already. Not in an unhealthy way but skinny.

My advice to Rob is to eat a few more squirrels and animals that have been hit by cars. I'd also suggest he stock some emergency food and a few supplies to increase his chances of survival in an end-of-the-world situation. All in all, I'd want Robin on my team when the SHTF.

Would Rob Greenfield survive an apocalyptic scenario?

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