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How to Dehydrate Jalapeños

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Jalapeños are a summer staple in the garden but when the fall and winter arrive, we want plenty on the shelf! They are delicious in chili and omelets! Dehydrating peppers is a fantastic option for enjoying them all year long.

Step one: Put on gloves! Avoid touching your eyes!

Jalapeños peppers have an oil on them that can get deep into your skin and your hands can burn for days when the hot water hits them. I might have a little experience with this. 😉 Nothing gets if off but time.

Step two: Wash your Jalapeños and remove seeds. Some folks like a few seeds for added heat but that's up to you.

Step three: Chop your peppers however you'd like. Rings or long slices are probably preferred as they won't likely slip through the dehydrator baskets.

Step four: Place peppers in the baskets and pop them into the dehydrating unit. Set the temp at 135 and dry for 6-9 hours. Start checking every 30-60 minutes after around 5 hours have passed.

Step five: Store dried peppers in a pretty jar (or an ugly one! Peppers don't care!) Keep them in a cool dark place.

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