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3 Easy Do-It-Yourself Window Garden Ideas -

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Whether you live in a small apartment, have limited mobility, or it's the dead of winter, setting up a small windowsill garden is the perfect solution for those eager to get growing. Luckily, it's also very simple! The easiest way of course, is to set a few potted plants on a table next to the window, but these handy little ideas will keep your flat surfaces a little more open. Or maybe, provide room for more plants! From growing food to making a natural privacy screen, these nifty window garden ideas have you covered!

Window Garden Option # 1- Suction Cupped Shelves

Step 1: Find your best window. A south facing window is ideal but some plants can grow with less light. If you have a very shady window, consider purchasing a small grow light.

Step 2: Wash your window very well and remove all grease and dirt. Vinegar works wonders! Click here for more tips on cleaning with vinegar.

Step 3: Install a suction cup shelf or 2 directly onto the window. Or even a command strip shelf would do. Double check the weight ratings on either of these options.

Step 4: Place small potted plants on the shelves.

Step 5: Water and watch your plants grow every day.

Window Garden Option #2-Staggered Hanging Pots

Step 1: Find a window that you don't need a curtain and ideally, one that is south facing. This might be a bit tricky but keep in mind that your plants will make a natural curtain in some way. Remove the curtain and leave the rod hanging or install a curtain rod if one wasn't there already.

Step 2: Plant plants in ultra-light planters that have handles. Or before planting, drill 2 holes in the sides directly across from each other.

Step 3: Attach decorative chains, twine, rope, etc. (at various lengths) to the curtain rod. The lighter weight, as long as it's durable, the better here.

Step 4: Affix planted pots to the chosen materials from step 3.

Step 5: Water and watch your plants grow every day.

Pro Tip: Be sure to rotate your pots around so that different parts of the plant can get light, and they grow more evenly. If you notice your plants leaning towards the window, it's a good time to give those pots a spin.

Option #3 -Hanging Macrame Shelf

A macrame shelf is an awesome solution for a window garden! Even an a bookshelf without backing would work too. This option is perfect for creating a little more privacy without being closed in by a curtain.

Remember, window gardens are usually very small, but they don't have to be! Just make sure to check the weight rating on the command strips and suction cup shelves so that your gardens don't fall down. These projects can be super fun for little kids and helpful in teaching them where their food comes from. For more tips on getting your garden started today, yes today, click here!


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