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Do RVs Make Great Bugout Vehicles? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Making memories in an RV might be one of the most incredible opportunities, but should they be part of your bugout plan?

Let's begin with the CONS.

A massive land yacht is anything but stealthy. You'll be an easy target to hungry and desperate survivors or those fleeing trouble. It will be evident that you hold supplies, food, and other gear, and you might find tribulation.

If you've ever watched the Robin Williams movie RV, you know it's not that farfetched. RVs are cheap and often break down a lot. Being stranded roadside when you need to be bugging out to a safer location might be detrimental to your plan, leaving you and your family in danger. If you disagree, you don't own an RV, or your camper is a unicorn because most of them have many issues. Consider caravaning or have another person in your house follow you on the route to safety. In the event of a breakdown, you'll have a back up vehicle.

Now for the PROS

  • Your family will be way more prepared. An RV is more spacious than a car, so there is more room for extra food and gear.

  • Privacy. You won't be imposing on family or friends as much as you'll have a space of your own. Bugging out might mean parking in the in-law's driveway for 2 weeks.

  • It's on wheels. Danger coming your way? Just move!

Would you use an RV as a bugout vehicle?

  • 0%For sure!

  • 0%Depends on the situation (explain in the comments)

  • 0%Never!

Final thoughts

An RV might be what your family needs to flee for safety. Still, as with any emergency, careful consideration will determine if it's right for that situation. Do you have the time to maintain an RV? RVs require a lot of ongoing maintenance and break down frequently, so make sure it fits your budget.

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