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Edible Landscape: 9 Plants that are Tasty and Have Curb Appeal

You've considered a front yard garden, but you have some reservations. I get it; you probably don't want a cornfield in your front yard, but you have limited space to grow food and need to plant it somewhere. If you are worried about curb appeal, city or HOA rules, or what your neighbors think, here are some ideas for ornamental and edible plants.

1. Rhubarb has beautiful elephant-like ears that make for great borders. Think hostas!

2. Speaking of those hostas, some varieties are edible too! I've never tried it. Have you?

3. Sunflowers! Grow them for the ornamental flowers, then save the seeds for the fall and winter snacks and salads.

4. Anything that can be grown on a decorative trellis. Cucumbers, grapes, beans, peas, and even squash can climb a trellis!

5. Any tree that produces food! Peach and apple trees, especially, have beautiful flowers in the spring.

6. Potted strawberry and blueberry plants or potted herbs

7. Aronia bushes produce healthy berries, and the leaves put off a beautiful autumn glow in the fall.

8. Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes, are perfect for a corner garden or an area you'd like to grow a privacy screen anywhere from 6-10 feet high. The tubers are edible, and they grow cute yellow flowers.

Would you grow food in your front yard?

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