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Fast Track Prepping: How to Get Ready Using a Financial Windfall Like a Tax Return or Bonus

Rolling into a large sum of cash can suddenly open up a world of possibilities. A windfall, even like a tax return, is a perfect tool for beginning your prepping journey, but it can quickly become a disaster if you don't approach it right. Sit down with a notebook and jot down all your goals before you tap "Buy Now."

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Add a lot of variety to your prepper pantry.

If you can purchase a massive amount of food, buy several brands, flavors, shapes, and textures to avoid boredom. Food fatigue is a fact, and the last thing you want is to be trapped in an emergency with a three months supply of mac n cheese. Even if you LOVE it, after a few meals, you'll be done.

Stagger your expiration dates.

I know it's a great idea to have a year's food supply in your home, but if it expires around the same time, you'll be in trouble. Expiration dates are one of the main reasons I recommend you buy a few items each week and build up your supplies over time. However, with all that new prepper energy, you're ready to prep hard and fast. But you might not have the skills and knowledge to manage that much food and gear, especially if you never have. The solution? Look for long-term food storage that expires anywhere from 25-30 years. Think buckets and number 10 cans of oatmeal, rice, and beans. Then look at foods in the 10–20-year shelf-life range like powdered milk, flour, etc. After this, snag up your everyday pantry items like cereals, canned goods, and condiments.

Slow DOWN, Speed Racer!

Newbie preppers make a lot of mistakes! Learning as you go to avoid unnecessary hassle and waste is better. See related content below to gain more prepper knowledge.

Understand what might be out to ruin or rob your stash.

Do you have mice in your home? Are there earthquakes in your area? Your location will give you all kinds of clues on how to prepare. Knowing the answers will help you properly store your goods, so they won't get destroyed in a disaster right before you need them.

Don't forget the water!

Water is not a prep that you can overlook. Especially if you plan to purchase a lot of freeze-dried foods for your pantry, when it comes to water, there are several options, and there is a price point for everyone to start.


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