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Homemade MREs vs. Store Bought!

Grab-and-go snack bags are a great way to prepare your family for an emergency. What if the power goes out after a storm? What if the traffic is backed up for miles leaving you waiting for the pile-up to get cleared? Having a few homemade MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) on hand is the perfect way to help your family in emergencies like severe weather. They could also be passed on to homeless people you meet while you're out and about. You never know when you'll need to help someone, and the grab-and-go convenience of MREs can help you do just that. We make our MREs by stuffing Ziploc baggies with yummy snacks like peanut butter crackers, dried fruit, beef jerky, tuna, crackers, and granola bars! Just date them and check them every 6 months - 1 year so everything stays as fresh as can be throughout any disaster. And remember water! You can go a few days without food, but no one wants to be stranded in hot weather, especially without water!

Should you buy or make MREs yourself? What's the difference?

Homemade MREs are typically, in the long run, more expensive and time-consuming than buying them. Sure, you might be able to make an MRE from stuff you bought at the dollar store, but you'll actually spend a little more in the long run. If a store-bought MRE is 15 dollars and a homemade one is only $5, you will wonder how you can't win. But the reality is that tactical MREs have a LONG shelf life. When stored properly, they are often still edible after the expiration date. They typically last around five years, depending on the ones you buy. On the other hand, homemade MREs need a more frequent rotation of six months to a year.

Don't write off homemade MREs just yet. Depending on your dietary needs and shopping strategies, it might still be possible for a homemade MRE to be cheaper. Still, you will need to maintain them more. Homemade MREs are best for several reasons. It will be easier to buy for specialty diets, health concerns, and picky eaters. You'll spend more time and money keeping them fresh but having tasty foods boost morale when your family needs them most.

What is your go-to snack for emergencies?

Do you make your own MREs?

  • 0%Yes! It's the best solution for our family.

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