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How to Filter and Sanitize Water: Two Methods

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

An emergency can happen anytime; sometimes, you may find yourself without access to safe drinking water. From grid down to backcountry camping, you need to know how to get clean water! FIRST KNOW: Where is your closest water source? If the grid goes down, you will want to know where to go when Google is temporarily unavailable. Keep this info handy in a prepper notebook or binder.

Sanitizing water with bleach

This section will teach you how to sanitize 1 gallon of water with bleach.

Bleach kills most microorganisms in the water, but it does not remove chemical contaminants like lead or mercury. It also leaves a chlorine smell behind that some people don't like.

Bleach is a great option for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and objects, but it's not the best choice for drinking water because of its strong taste and smell.

If you want to use bleach for sanitizing drinking water, follow these steps:

- Fill a 1-gallon container with tap or boiled water

- Using 8.25 % bleach, add 6 drops and using 6% bleach, use 8 drops

- Stir well

- Let stand for 30 minutes before using

Boil Method- 3 Steps Boiling water is one of the easiest ways to get clean water for cooking and drinking.

1. Suppose you must get your water from a pond or lake. To eliminate sediment, you should run your water through a coffee filter, t-shirt, clean sock, or even a bandana. You should do it a few times with different fabrics.

2. Boil water for 1-3 minutes and higher altitudes need the most time.

3. Allow your water to cool. If needed, filter again with a clean filter.

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