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How to Make Homemade Fire Starters for Camping, Backyard Bonfires or Survival


Empty egg carton (paper only)

Shredded newspaper or junk mail etc. You can even shred the lid of the egg carton.

Used birthday candles, old junk candles or crayons 🖍

Double boiler made from a glass measuring cup and water in a pan (pictured below in step 1)


  1. Place 6-8 cups of water into a saucepan and put the measuring cup into the water. Do not submerge the measuring cup and allow the water line to come up to around 60 percent of the height of the cup) There shouldn't be any water in the measuring cup.

2. Heat the double boiler on high heat. When the water begins to boil, back down to medium heat and toss in the scraps of wax. The wax will melt down faster if you break the wax into smaller chunks. If water starts splashing into the measuring cup, reduce heat even lower.

3. While the wax is melting, place your egg carton on the counter and begin filling the holes with shredded paper.

4. Once wax is melted, carefully remove the pan from heat and remove the measuring cup from the water using a waterproof oven mitt.

5. Immediately pour the wax over each hole in the egg carton filling them to the rim.

6. Allow the wax to harden in the freezer or leave alone overnight. Do not move the carton when the wax is not.

7. Break each starter off one by one. If you have a dozen-sized carton, you will have 12 starters.

8. Store in a dry cool area.

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