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How to Make Your Own Chimney Sweep

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Cleaning your chimney is a necessary chore to ensure the overall safety of your fireplace. You can buy a chimney sweep or make one with a few easy steps. In addition to sweeping your chimney regularly, you'll need an annual inspection to ensure maximum safety. How often you sweep your chimney mainly depends on how often you burn wood. Do you heat your home all winter long with a wood burning stove? Or maybe you just like an occasional fire around the holidays or a movie night with the family. It's a good idea to ask your insurance or inspection company for recommendations rather than just guessing.

Items Needed:


Empty 1 gallon vinegar or milk jug

Chicken wire

Safety wire to affix chicken wire

Heavy weight like gravel or small stones


Step 1: Fill your gallon sized jug with gravel or small stones and twist back on the lid. (Note: The jug shape should relatively match the shape of your flue. i.e., square or round)

Step 2. Wrap the chicken wire around the jug and cut the wire to size.

Step 3: Use safety wire to attach the chicken wire to the jug. Using the safety wire, "sew" the top and bottom shut to avoid having the chicken wire slide off the jug while in the flue.

Step 4: Tie a rope onto the top of the jug through the handle. Be sure to measure your flue so that the rope is long enough to clean the entire chimney.

That's it. Your chimney sweep is ready to clean your chimney!

Note: This DYI chimney sweep will clean a 7-inch flue.

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