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Let's Get Going Ruckers! Testing Out Your Gear is the Ultimate Recipe for Sucess

Rucking, the act of walking or hiking while carrying a weighted backpack, is an absolutely fantastic way to get in shape and stay physically fit. In fact, it should be a mandatory component of every self-respecting prepper's emergency preparedness regimen. Want to be ready to outrun the horde of flesh-eating robots when the apocalypse hits? Then strap on a 50-pound ruck and start logging those miles, today. Need to transport critical supplies to your secret bunker in the woods? Rucking is the perfect low-tech, sustainable transportation method. Plus, the more you ruck, the more you'll develop the bulging, massively muscular physique that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of any would-be looters or bandits. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that backpack, fill it with canned goods and ammunition, and get to ruckin'! Your future self will thank you when the world as we know it collapses.

Six main benefits of rucking include:

1. Improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

2. Increased strength and muscle conditioning, especially in the legs and core.

3. Enhanced weight-bearing exercise, promoting bone density and joint health.

4. Versatility, as rucking can be done almost anywhere and combined with other activities.

5. Mental toughness and resilience from carrying weight over extended periods.

6. Increase calories burned by up to 20% per hike.

If you are new to rucking, remember it’s okay to start with an empty pack and slowly over time, add more weight. And by "slowly over time," we're talking a sloth-like pace here, folks! No need to rush into carrying the equivalent of a small hippopotamus on your back. Start with a bottle of water and a water filter, then maybe add a few backpacker meals, and work your way up from there. Who knows, by the time you're 90, you might even be able to ruck the entire 2000 plus miles of the PCT (Pacific Coastal Trail)! But for now, let's keep things nice and light, shall we? After all, we don't want to end up like those poor souls who try to deadlift a tractor tire on their first day at the gym. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps!

Test your gear before a crisis! By subjecting yourself to the torture of lugging around a pack loaded with rubber ducks (or whatever else you deem necessary for survival) before the actual crisis hits, you can pinpoint those pesky problem areas where the pack rubs, chafes, and generally makes you want to throw in the towel and call for a medevac. It's like willingly putting yourself through a miniature version of "Survivor" just so you can identify the weak spots in your gear and wardrobe ahead of time. Why suffer the indignity of blisters, bruises, and raw skin when you can preemptively address those hot spots and ensure your pack fits like a glove (or at least a moderately snug mitten)? Better to discover the pack's pressure points in the comfort of your neighborhood park than when you're miles from civilization, frantically searching for a stick to use as a walking cane.

In conclusion rucking is the perfect prepper pastime to increase your odds of survival in a crisis. Are you ready to ruck? You better be ready to ruck, because when the apocalypse hits, those couch potatoes are going to be the first ones to get picked off by the roaming bands of zombie chickens. Can you imagine trying to outrun a pack of cannibals while lugging your 80-pound bug-out bag? Not a chance, my friend. But you, a seasoned rucker, will be striding across that post-apocalyptic wasteland like a boss, leaving a trail of envious onlookers in the dust. They'll be wheezing and panting, begging you to share your top-secret rucking tips. And you'll just give them a wink and a nod, because you know the real secret is embracing the suck. So, grab that weighted pack, lace up those boots, and get ready to ruck your way to survival supremacy.

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