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Minimalism and Prepping? 2 Ways to Make BOTH Possible!

With all the craziness in the world, prepping has officially gone mainstream. You have to ask yourself, is minimalism dead? Can I still call myself a minimalist if I am a prepper?

To answer these questions, we need to define minimalism.

Minimalism eliminates unnecessary items, engagements, and even relationships that crowd out the things you want to shine a light on. And when you remove these things from your environment, your life becomes better because all you see is beauty and the things that make you happy and full of life. If you don't love it, lose it.

No one ever said minimalism meant you can't provide for your family in an emergency. It doesn't mean you can't have food and critical supplies on hand, waiting for a dire moment.

There are ways to prepare and keep your home clean and simple looking.

Simplicity is an excellent idea for preppers and can work to your advantage. Less junk laying around means you can have room for a small prepper pantry or even store a bug-out bag directly in your closet.

1.Use a Container System

Many people avoid preparedness because it takes up too much space or it is too much work. Clearing a specific area dedicated to your preparedness items sets a firm boundary and tells you when enough is enough. Consider the following examples as guidelines for your own home.

Example: I will only store prepping items under the beds in my house.

Example: The closet in my laundry room is perfect for my 3-month survival rations.

Example: I will use the storage ottoman in my basement to build a blackout emergency kit.

Example: The hard-to-reach cabinets above my fridge is the right place to store my 72-hour emergency food, a small camp stove, and a water filter.

2. Set it and forget it!

Build a long-term layer for your pantry and leave it for 30 years. This isn't a popular option but buying freeze-dried food for your survival pantry makes it very simple. No rotation. It's in waterproof packaging. No smells. No pantry bugs or ants. You won't have as many concerns about mice. It's effortless all around. Food can be stored out of sight and out of mind so that your minimalist brain can enjoy the benefits of preparedness without the stress of managing it. You probably could add a few extra foods to your storage if they are a joy to maintain. Comfort foods, specialty coffee or cookies, and goods that are easy to prepare are a perfect addition to your food storage. After all, preparedness has many benefits other than survival. You can read about them HERE.

How do you decide when enough is enough? Do you consider yourself a minimalist prepper? If so, why?

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