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Preparing for Nuclear Fallout

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Nuclear war isn't a topic that I ever wanted to write about. I tried to escape all the doom and gloom topics that most prepper sites have. However, recent events have made this threat a possibility, and I feel responsible for sharing the information if others want to prepare. I will attempt to keep this light, short, and to the point. I'll link a few additional resources to encourage you to dig a little deeper into the topic if you want.

1. Get to the lowest possible place in your home. Concrete and brick are your best bet for shelter.

2. Supply your space with plenty of water and food to last 2-4 weeks. Gone are the days of having a 72-hour kit. I'll be linking below additional resources for building a 72-hour kit. Just multiply the list several times to have enough.

3. Locate your nearest fallout shelter near work or school in case you can't get home or don't have a basement.

4. Typical communication that we know today may or may not be available. A battery-operated or hand-crank radio will serve you well when learning what to do next.

5. If you happen to be outside and get particles on your body, get inside and shower with soap and water. Leave your clothing outside if possible. Bag it up and keep it out of the house.

Photo credit: The ABC of Canning, Compliments of Wisconsin Agriculturalist and Farmer- Racine, Wisconsin Copyright 1942

Dig deeper! Here are some additional resources that I recommend you check out. Thanks for reading.


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