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Quick Combos for Prepper Pantry Meals

If you stock your prepper pantry with intension, the next time you look for dinner, you'll actually find something to eat. It seems so simple to fill your pantry by raiding the canned good isle at your local Walmart, but a plan will get your further. These combos are meant to inspire you to build your storehouse with confidence. Feel free to add your own twist as these are mostly a base to start. Only serve foods that your family eats and enjoys.


1 box of wilds rice

1 packet of tuna or salmon

Lemon pepper and salt to taste

*Serve with a veggie of choice*

Serves 2


1 box of Hungry Jack Cheesy Potatoes

1 can of Spam cubed and pan fried

Mix together or serve side by side

Serves 2-3

Easy Chicken Taco Bowl

1 box of beans and rice

1 can of chicken

1 can of Rotel

1. Prepare bean and rice.

2. Mix in chicken and Rotel. Serve when heated through.

Serves 2-3

Fast Chicken Alfredo

1 Package of Alfredo by Knor

1 can of chicken

1. Prepare packet of Alfredo

2. Add a can of chicken and serve when chicken is heated

Serves 2

Easy Protein-packed Breakfast Oatmeal

Protein powder has been common in breakfast shakes for years. But have you ever thought about adding powder to oatmeal? In a survival situation you'll had tons of vitamins, protein and a few extra calories to your morning oatmeal so you can stay full longer. Try adding protein powder to applesauce or pancake mix too!


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