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RANT: Prepping is NOT a Political Movement!

Over the years, I've privately shared prepping articles and videos with those closest to me because I want them to be prepared for an emergency. One response always has a common theme: Please don't send me political stuff.

I always let them know that prepping is not associated with any political affiliation, nor is it a requirement to be ready for an emergency, but a stereotype still remains. Preppers are white, 45-year-old, Christian, republican males with a violent temperament. They are rebels against the government with a death wish to fight tooth and nail against the enemy.

But where did this idea come from? Honestly, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are prepared. Who you voted for in the previous election, who you go to bed with at night, or even who you worship won't matter when hunger strikes. Everyone will need supplies to survive, and the more of us that prepare, the better off we will all be.

Maybe we should ask this question instead. Would you prefer to reside in a neighborhood where 90 to 100% of your neighbors are prepared? Or would you like to live in a community where only those who voted the same way as you were prepared? The answer seems simple enough. Of course, we would rather live in a neighborhood where everyone has some emergency provisions ready for the worst-case scenario.

These stereotypes not only divide and hurt the prepper community, but they hurt "outsiders" as well. If people continue to believe that prepping isn't for them because they put up a Bernie Sanders sign in 2020, they are at risk when an emergency strikes, which is not okay.

Prepping is for everyone. Stock your beans and rice immediately. Thank you! 😊

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