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Reasons to Prep that Have Nothing to do with the World Ending

Updated: May 14, 2022

Often the term prepping is associated with doomsday scenarios. An earthquake will rattle half of America and destroy every major roadway in the US. Yellowstone's super volcano will take out 80 percent of the country, and 90% of the population will die. These scenarios are not only stressful to dwell on, but they also aren't that likely to happen. Why waste all that time, energy, and money on such a slight chance? The reality is that planning ahead for the sake of general preparedness is just a more levelheaded thing to do. It also has many benefits!

We all need to focus more on the here-and-now benefits of being a survivalist. Being more prepared for an actual end-of-the-world disaster should only be considered a perk. The benefits that we will most likely reap will come with everyday troubles. Sure, doom and gloom is always possible, but why not focus on some positives?

1. You're rarely going to run out of an ingredient when mid-meal prep. Preparedness means that you stock up before you run out. This just makes life simpler.

2. You can visit the grocery store on your terms. Gone are the days when you've had a busy and stressful week and nothing in your pantry. Is everyone in the house sick? No worries. You have soup for everyone already. There is no additional running around when stress is already high.

3. You always have something to give. Do kids need snacks for school? No problem. Your church wants everyone to bring a dish to pass at the picnic? You've got it covered. It's your spouse's birthday today, and you didn't get a cake. It's not an issue because you have brownie ingredients at home in the pantry already. Having items on hand ensures you've always got a plan for whatever life throws at you.

4. It's easy to save money. Buying in bulk scores you a much lower unit price per item. Having adequate supplies means fewer trips to the store and reduced opportunities for impulse buying.

5. You are readily able to help others. Got a few homemade MRES reaching their best buy date? Hand them out to the homeless on your way to work. Is the food pantry getting a little low? No problem! You have a bag or two of goodies to spare.

6. Less running around during holidays. Enough said!

7. You will be better prepared to weather storms like a job loss or an illness in the family. Resources tend to dry up faster when these types of personal emergencies emerge. Help your cash reserves stretch much longer by building a prepper pantry and storing other supplies.

8. It's a great hedge against hyperinflation. Having some ingredients on hand to make bread will be awesome when a loaf becomes $30 overnight. We are currently experiencing higher than expected inflation, as I write. Being more self-reliant helps you weather such problems much easier.

9. RECALLS! Because you put all your new food purchases to the BACK of your stockpile, you never have to worry about recalls. Recently there was a Skippy Peanut Butter recall and thankfully our jars weren't even opened yet. Infact, we probably wouldn't for another year!

So, what did I miss? How else does prepping make your life easier? What's your favorite end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it event to prep for? I'm curious! Comment below and let me know!

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