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Reducing Grid Dependency Though the No Poo Method

We must consider what it truly means when thinking about grid-down scenarios or off-grid living. If your hair products require the energy-sucking factories to produce, are you REALLY off the grid? This question may seem silly, but I think it's worth asking as a prepper.

There are many questions.

If things went south and the fan flings it far and wide, could you still get shampoo? What if the price shot up to $125 a bottle? Chances are other goods and services would be on the rise too.

Could you afford to wash your hair, and what would you do to adjust if you couldn't? If those around you can no longer wash their hair, would you want to smell like herbal goodness?

Surly, you'd be a target if you smelled good. Through hikers, those that hike entire trails like the Pacific Coastal Trail and the Appalachian Trail can smell day hikers. It's a thing; look it up.

Simply put, You WILL be sniffed out if you have smelly good things.

In other words, you want to be the gray man and that might mean smelling nasty like everyone else.

There are numerous thoughts and theories about whether or not it is even worth it to prep for these types of things now. Some say they'd save room for more essential preps like water, food, and tools. If you lost a job, soap would probably help you get hired onto a new job, but no one bothers the gray man in a SHTF situation, but no one hires the stinky person.

But the no poo method eventually doesn't stink. Or so they say. After two months of water-only washing, my hair never adjusted, so I gave up. I just couldn't get over the feeling of my hair and it always looked gross. I suppose I could have tried washing it once or twice a month, but I didn't.

Maybe the no poo method is still a worthwhile effort. It reduces dependency on a system and saves you a crap load of money. It also reduces your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

Based on my experience, people with short hair or near balding can probably get away with this. I also wouldn't go cold turkey. If you wash your hair three times a week now, aim for two washes. Then one. Good luck!

What do you think about the no poo method? 🤔

Would you start practicing the NP method as a PREPARATION for a total world collapse?

Sanitation is critical to prevent the spread of disease, but do you NEED body wash? Could you get away with soaking in a stream or with only vinegar? What about other soaps like body soap, laundry soap, and toothpaste?

Thanks for reading!

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