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Survival Coffee- 4 Easy Ways to Enjoy a Good Brew

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Just because the grid is down doesn't mean that you can't still have your coffee! Caffeine withdrawal headaches are the worst and have no place in an already rough situation. Here are 4 ways to get your fix no matter what's going on in the world. 1. Instant Coffee ☕️ Yes, I know. You either love or hate instant coffee, but it really can't go unmentioned when it comes to its usefulness in a grid-down situation. Instant coffee also has an incredibly long shelf life, making it an ideal item to stock in your survival pantry. 2. Use your regular coffee pot! ☕️ This method is easy and will give you the sense of normalcy you need in dire times. Heat water. Add coffee grounds to your unit like normal. Pour the water slowly over your filtered coffee grounds and wait for it to drip before adding more. Sip and enjoy! 3. Cowboy Coffee ☕️ Ingredients: 1 cup of water for every serving 2 tbs. Coffee grounds for every serving Directions: 1. Multiply the ratios for how much coffee you'd like to make. 2. Heat water in a pot until it reaches a boil. Remove from heat and allow to sit for a minute. 3. Add coffee grounds and stir. Allow the coffee to brew for 5 minutes. 4. Stir again and allow the grounds to settle to the bottom. 5. Pour very slowly into cups to avoid grounds from entering your cup. 4. With a percolator ☕️ A percolator is not only a fantastic way to make coffee while camping but also during a power down scenario as well. 1. Add coffee to the basket. You may wish to use a regular coffee filter with this to avoid grounds from getting in the coffee, but it may not be necessary. Simply poke a hole in the middle of your filter and place in the basket. 2. Fill the pot with cold water. 3. Place percolator on a heat source and watch the top for water to start bubbling up. This will take a few minutes. 4. After a couple minutes of percolating, remove from heat. 5. Allow pot to cool for a minute or two then remove the coffee grounds basket. 5. Pour coffee and enjoy.

☕️ Thanks for reading!

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