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The Benefits of Growing Food with Your Kids

Introduction: Growing your own food has a ton of benefits!

Growing food at home is not just a hobby but has many rewards. It can be a way to save money while also eating healthier. You get to determine what you eat and how it is grown, which means you have more control over your health than ever before.

Gardening with kids is a great way to get them active while educating their senses and developing their motor skills. This can be an excellent sensory experience as they can smell the flowers they helped plant, touch the soil, watch the plants grow, and taste fresh produce.

If your kids are interested in gardening, these 10 tips will help them get started.

  • Start small to see if the interest is there. A couple of potted plants on the patio or a perennial plant in a corner garden is the perfect place to start.

  • Let them help. Even if they can't do much, you can ask them to take some dead plants to the compost or water the flowers with a small watering can.

  • Allow them to eat a few berries off the bush and show them the importance of preserving a harvest for the winter months.

  • Start a family composting bin and show kids what and what not to compost.

  • Let them have fun in the dirt.

  • Learn how to preserve one food together. Even if it's store-bought, teaching kids how to put away food is a life-long skill worth teaching. Canning, dehydrating, or freezing are all great options.

  • Plant a fruit tree as a family on Earth Day or Arbor Day.

  • Learn how to save seeds to plant the following year.

  • Make a pile to save cardboard, egg cartons, newspaper, and paper bags. These items will help start the garden in the spring. Cardboard, newspapers, and bags can all be used as weed barriers, and egg cartons make fantastic seed starters.

  • Still, need inspiration? Try visiting a farm, farmers market, or greenhouse!

How do kids benefit from spending time in outdoors?

Fresh air and sunshine are proven beneficial for kids' cognitive development. The benefits of outdoor time range from improved concentration and creativity to increased energy levels and a greater connection to nature.

Conclusion: Planting food with your kids is fantastic and educational!

Planting food with your kids is a great way to spend time together and teach them about different vegetables and fruits. You can also use this opportunity to teach them the importance of healthy food. Some people may not know, but planting food with your kids is a great educational experience for them. It teaches them about the different vegetables and fruits available in the world while giving them an appreciation for the natural beauty of plants. It also teaches kids how to take care of something they grow, which will be important in their adult life when they have pets or children.

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