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The Fallout of the 2020 Panic Buying Craze Has Landed- Act Now to Avoid Food Waste!

Let's face it, some things you bought in 2020 are starting to expire, and a new wave of panic is stirring. This time, it's rotten food! How could you let all this food go BAD? Before the disappointment settles in too deep, consider these solutions to reclaim your pantry after panic buying.

1. Give yourself grace and ignore the guilt. Allow yourself to learn from this experience and how to improve in the next disaster round. Rest assured, those disasters will come! Many of us were scared during the early phases of the pandemic, and in those moments, we did what we had to do to protect our families. It's okay if you didn't prep perfectly.

2. Eat the food! Most of the food you bought in 2020 is likely delicious and safe. Please refer to the related content below this article for more information on expired food.

3. Put your provisions to the test. Schedule a NO SPEND month or week, eating only foods from your freezer and survival pantry. How long can you go without running to the store? Not only will you quickly discover what holes you have in your pantry, but you'll also eat the food before it spoils. Many preppers are outstanding at stockpiling food and supplies, but rarely do they do practice runs with their gear and supplies. This is a deadly mistake but an easy one to avoid.

4. Donate to your local food bank. Helping others is a good use of money. While you can't donate foods past their best-buy date, let go of a new case of corn NOW if you know you won't eat it in time.

5. Barter and exchange foods with other prepper friends. This practice might allow you to instantly have more complete meals and fill gaps in your panty.

6. Keep prepping! I know this may sound counterproductive, but I promise you will avoid making the same mistakes during the next round of chaos. Use your newfound knowledge to move forward in a better direction. Panic buying during an emergency only breeds more panic and empties the shelves. This is precisely what happened in 2020 and before any significant storm. Stay ahead of the game by rotating and restocking your pantry routinely, and you'll always be ready.

7. Replace short-term food storage with more long-term food storage. You might have discovered that your pantry was too big to manage. Foods packaged to last 20-plus years are easier to rotate, minimizing waste. Let's break it down like this. You want one year of food supplies, so you may wish for nine months to be your working pantry and three months to be your long-term storage.

What's a working pantry?

A working pantry is an area you dedicate to everyday supplies that are frequently rotated. It's usually separate from your kitchen, more significant than a typical kitchen pantry, and contains provisions for a few weeks up to 3 months.

8. Preserve the food now. You can extend the lifespan of your meals by dehydrating, freezing, or repackaging them with oxygen absorbers or vacuum sealing them with a food saver. Learning how to preserve food is a vital skill that anyone can acquire.

Please discuss! Did you overdo it with panic buying in 2020?

How bad did you panic buy in 2020?

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  • 0%A few cans or nonperishables a week.

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