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Use your 2021 Tax Return for Improving Self-reliance: Plus 3 Sample Budgets for Inspiration

Tax returns are one of the most anticipated windfalls of the year. If you get a return, consider using the funds to increase your preparedness and self-reliance skills.

The average 2021 tax return is estimated to be $2873! That's a lot of beans and rice! Here would be my top areas for someone looking to get started with their preparedness journey.

1. Pay off high-interest debt

2. Build an emergency fund

3. Buy a water filter

4. Long-term food storage

5. Items for your garden

6. Pantry supplies

7. Generator

8. First Aid

Here are three sample budgets to get you thinking about how you can spend your tax refund on prepping. Tackling high-interest debt and building emergency funds are always top priorities, but that doesn't mean that you can't do a mix of improvements in all these areas.

Sample budget 1: $1500 -high interest debt $500- emergency fund $300- water filter $200- self-defense and security $100- first aid kit $200- food and pantry supplies $73- garden supplies and seeds

Total= $2,873

Sample budget 2: $1000- high-interest debt $750- emergency fund $300-water filter $250- self-defense and security $100- first aid kit $300- food and pantry supplies

$100- Long-term food bucket

$50- Lanterns and off-grid lighting

$23- Miscellaneous hygiene supplies

Total= $2,873

Sample Budget 3:

$750- long-term food storage

$600- generator

$400- Self-defense and security

$300- water filter

$600- food and pantry supplies

$150- camp stove

$73- first aid and over the counter medications

Total= $2,873

How will you use your tax refund this year? What survival items will you buy? Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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