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Water Prepping: 10 Items to Buy at Dollar Tree

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In an emergency, always having water stored in your home is essential in case the power goes out, water in your area becomes contaminated, or another natural disaster leaves your home without water.

Given the frequency of natural disasters, it is imperative always to have a water supply. When you store water in your home, you ensure you're ready for any situation.

Several water storage options exist, from the traditional plastic bottle to a heavy-duty jerry can. However, other items come in handy as well. This article will look at things you can buy at Dollar Tree to store your water storage needs.

1. Bleach provides many benefits, including sanitizing water, but it can't be expired if it's going to work correctly.

2. Paper plates and cups- avoid styrofoam and plastic as much as possible because you'll want to burn your tableware in a backyard campfire in an emergency.

3. Baby wipes- these are so handy for a variety of reasons. Still, you can bathe and do other minor cleanups when water is limited.

4. Hand sanitizer

5. Anti-bacterial wipes for hands and face

6. Cleaning wipes for disinfecting surfaces

7. Paper towels and napkins

8. Tin foil is excellent for cooking over a fire or cleaning a dirty grill.

9. Single-use baking pans and sheets

10. DT sells gallons of water, but it's best to buy refillable jerry cans.


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