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Will the Lone Wolf Prepper Survive? How They Will Thrive and How They Will Die

Loneliness is on the rise and a leading cause of severe health issues. Experts alarm that loneliness might be more detrimental to our health than the usual offenders like smoking, obesity, inactive lifestyle, or a lack of viable healthcare options. It should be no surprise that more than 3 in 5 people report feeling isolated and lack options for meaningful connections.

The situation in our country seems to crumble more and more each day, and if things get as challenging as projected by several respected experts in all fields, we will need to lean on each other much more than we do now.

We all know the guy who says he's "headed for the mountains to live off the land if things get that bad." So, when the SHTF is it possible for a lone wolf to survive in the boonies under a lean-to? Let's explore the idea a little deeper.

Living in isolation in the back forty will keep a person very busy, and TV or other distractions won't be available to encourage laziness. A lone wolf would not likely have any issues with obesity or an inactive lifestyle. Smoking probably will be around if they are growing their own but growing food or something to smoke might not be an option. We'll discuss that in a bit.

So, what are the top 3 threats to the lone wolf?

Protection: Predators and other people might be out to get a loner and their supplies because they are so vulnerable. There's no one to stand by while a single wolf sleeps. How can anyone thrive without sleep? What about food? Sure, a wolf can start a garden, but without security, a garden would only expose his location, making him more vulnerable.

Healthcare: There is no one to carry a pup when it falls. An injury could derail the wolf and its best efforts to survive.

Loneliness: Need I say more?

It is not very likely that a lone wolf could survive very long. At least not without much luck or God-given wisdom and protection. Even with the best-kept survival skills and gear, eventually, your stuff disintegrates beyond repair. The healthiest of individuals can still take a hard fall. Who will pick up the wolf and take him to the doctor?

So, the next time a wolf threatens to leave the pack, remind them of the benefits a solid community can offer. Please encourage them to reach out and make friends.

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