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9 Uses for Milk Jugs in the Garden

Milk jugs are your garden's best friends for life! Vinegar containers, water bottles, and 2-liter bottles also work very well! Here are ten ways to upcycle your empty milk jugs!

Slow-release watering

Away for a few days? Your plants could dry out and die! Don't worry! Give your plants a deep watering, and then place milk jugs (full of water) next to your plant. Poke a tiny hole into the bottom with a small nail or pin. Fill up the jug with water and cap it off (this step slows down the water leak.

Mini greenhouse for protecting small seedlings

Frost, extreme wind, and even bunnies love to destroy your baby plants. Use milk jugs to cover them!

Winter sowing

Learn more about winter sowing HERE.

Make upside-down or hanging planters

This water bottle makes a perfect microgreen planter for your kitchen window!

Create garden art

Use them to make a head for a scarecrow!

Water and Fertilize

Milk jugs make fantastic backup watering cans! You can also mix different fertilizers into various containers. This allows you to feed various plants with unique nutritional needs without rinsing and cleaning several times.

Rain catchers

Cut off the tops of the jugs and place them outside before a heavy rain.

Start your garden

Short on starter containers? Cut off the tops and start your seeds in these containers.

Plant tags

Cut a pointed tip and a rounded piece on top to make a plant identifier. The caps can also be pressed into the dirt as labels.

Make FREE plant identification tags!

How do you like to upcycle plastic containers in your garden?

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